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Alan (Pop) Burton


Hello, I am Allen Helmick. I work with my wife- Valerie, my son- Burton and my daughter in law- Kate. We are the Allen Burton Team…a family team, named in honor of Alan “Pop” Burton (Valerie’s father).

Born in the Central Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia

• North Carolina Real Estate Broker since 1983
• Graduate of Realtor Institute
• West Virginia University graduate- 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree
• Former North Carolina Mortgage/Banker Broker
• Former North Carolina Real Estate Appraiser
• U.S Marine Corp 1968-1972

My wife, Valerie, and I joined the sales team of Fairview Realty in 1983. Our office building was a converted feed shed for the old general store that was across the street. We lived for years and raised our son in that old general store- a large stone building next to Fairview Elementary School.

We didn’t have the modern conveniences of today. We had no pagers, cell phones, fax machines or computers. Blackberries grew on bushes, palms were on your hands (not hand-held devices) and you didn’t use a mouse… you just set a trap when you got one. We used carbon paper to make duplicate copies. The only copy machine in town was at the Fairview Pharmacy (now The Chapel Door). We had rotary phones- a yellow, a red and a blue one. When business was good, sometimes I would be on all three phones at the same time.

Fairview was on a two lane road with no traffic lights at all. There was a campground at Windsong, the U.S. Post Office was at Kick Stand, Acme Motorcycles was a gas station, the car wash was in Reynolds next to Fairview Insurance (which was previously in the Fairview Pharmacy building), the "new" 25 cent car wash opened by Village Drive (it is now gone), Cedar Cliff Grocery was on the corner of Old Fort Road and 74 (that was before the name 74A), there was no Food Lion, no Ingles, no First Citizens (not at its present Food Lion location or on the corner of Cane Creek Road), Tyco was CII, the Fairview Community Center was the old Fairview Elementary School’s gym. If you needed milk or anything else in the world, you went to Tickle’s or Mountain Variety.

After 27 years in the same office, in the same small town, the Allen Burton Team has relocated to Cool Mountain Realty.

Valerie and I have lived, worked and raised our children in Fairview, in the heart of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Now that our children are grown, we work as a family team- The Allen Burton Team.

Allen Helmick- NC Broker
Valerie Burton Helmick- NC Broker
Burton Helmick- NC Broker

We've sold hundreds of homes and thousands of acres.

Just a few of the commercial properties We have sold.
  • Fairview Elementary School
  • Food Lion
  • Cane Creek Middle School
  • First Citizens Bank