Burton Helmick

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We are the Allen Burton Team…a family team, named in honor of my grandfather, Alan “Pop” Burton.

When Burton was a small child, his family lived in the stone building next to Fairview Elementary School. Years before, it had been the general store with the fire station in the basement. he would look out my window and see Fairview Realty across the street, where his parents worked. Naturally, when asked… What do you want to do when you grow up?

He said… “I want to be a Realtor”.

He was a 2000 graduate of AC Reynolds High School.

During his senior year of high school he attended night classes and got his North Carolina Real Estate License. He began working as a Realtor in 2000. Together with his parents they became The Allen Burton Team.

In 2005 Burton began project coordinating for the development of residential communities. He has facilitated over 10 developments and consulted on over 20 others.

Burton has worked at three real estate companies since 2000 having moved to Cool Mountain Realty in 2015.

We've sold hundreds of homes and thousands of acres.

Just a few of the commercial properties We have sold.
  • Fairview Elementary School
  • Food Lion
  • Cane Creek Middle School
  • First Citizens Bank

Burton at age 6
in front of Fairview Realty