Burton Helmick

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Hello, I am Burton Helmick. I work with my wife- Kate, my father- Allen and my mother- Valerie. We are the Allen Burton Team…a family team, named in honor of my grandfather, Alan “Pop” Burton.

When I was a small child, my family lived in the stone building next to Fairview Elementary School. Years before, it had been the general store with the fire station in the basement. I would look out my window and see Fairview Realty across the street, where my parents worked. Naturally, when asked… What do you want to do when you grow up?

I said… “I want to be a Realtor”.

I was a 2000 graduate of AC Reynolds High School.

I attended night classes during my senior year of high school and got my North Carolina Real Estate License before graduation. I began working as a Realtor in 2000. Together with my parents we became The Allen Burton Team.

I have worked in real-estate for 15 years before relocating to Cool Mountain Realty in 2015.
We've sold hundreds of homes and thousands of acres.

Burton at age 6
in front of Fairview Realty

Burton and Kate